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Typical mistakes when hiring handymen: how to avoid them

Typical mistakes when hiring handymen: how to avoid them

Hiring handymen can be a complicated and confusing process. It seems that it should be easy to find a person to perform various tasks, but in practice this is often not the case. Many people make the same mistakes that lead to unsatisfactory results.

Incorrect task description

One of the most common mistakes is an incorrect or incomplete description of the task to be completed. When you hire a handyman, it is very important to explain exactly what you want. If the job description is too general or vague, the likelihood of misunderstanding increases. For example, if you just say “fix the fence”, it can mean different things to different people — from replacing several boards to completely reconstructing the entire structure.

How to avoid:

  1. Be specific: Describe the task in as much detail as possible. Specify what specific work needs to be done, what materials to use and in what time frame. For example, instead of “fix the fence,” write “replace 10 broken boards on the south side of the fence, paint with new paint in the color of the house.”
  2. Attach photos or drawings: If possible, attach photos or drawings to the description. This will help the handyman to better understand the amount of work. A photo of the current state of the fence and an example of the desired result can greatly simplify the understanding of the task.
  3. Discuss all the nuances: Have a conversation with the candidate to make sure that he understood the assignment correctly and has all the necessary skills. Ask specific questions about how he plans to do the job and what tools he will use.

Lack of review of recommendations

Another common mistake is the lack of checking recommendations or feedback about a potential employee. Many employers skip this step, hoping for the candidate’s honesty or relying on their intuition. However, even the most conscientious employee may not be suitable for your task.

How to avoid:

  1. Ask for references: Always ask the candidate to provide references from previous employers. This will help you evaluate his experience and reliability. Recommendations may include contact details of previous clients or letters of feedback.
  2. Search for reviews on the Internet: If the candidate has a profile on any service, look at the reviews of other clients. This will give you an idea of the quality of his work. Pay attention to the common features in the reviews — if several people mention the same problem, this is a reason to think.
  3. Call the recommendations: Do not be lazy and call the recommendations provided. Make sure they are real and relevant. Ask specific questions about how the employee coped with the tasks, whether he was punctual and accurate in his work.

Incorrect estimation of the cost of work

Estimating the cost of work is another stumbling block when hiring handymen. Employers often agree to the first price offered, not realizing that they may overpay or, conversely, underpay for work. Underestimating the cost can lead to the fact that the employee will do the work hastily to meet the budget, or completely abandon the task.

How to avoid:

  1. Collect a few suggestions: Ask several handymen to evaluate your task. This will help you understand which price is fair. This way you can see the difference in prices and understand where the best value for money is offered.
  2. Compare prices with the market: Find out how much similar services on link https://www.mrhandyman.ca/niagara-region/ cost in your region. This will give you a benchmark for comparison. Use the Internet and call several companies to find out the average price in the market.
  3. Specify what is included in the price: Always specify what exactly is included in the offered price. These can be materials, tools, transportation costs, etc. Find out if you will need to buy something extra or if everything is included in the price.

Absence of a written contract

The last, but no less important mistake is the lack of a written contract. Many employers limit themselves to an oral agreement, which often leads to misunderstandings and conflicts. Oral agreements are easily forgotten or misinterpreted, which can lead to controversial situations.

How to avoid:

  1. Sign a written contract: Even if the job seems simple and short-lived, sign a written contract. This will protect you from possible problems. In the contract, you can specify all the details of the work, including the terms and cost.
  2. Specify all the conditions: In the contract, specify all the working conditions, including terms, cost, materials and penalties for violating the conditions. Write down what will happen if the work is not completed on time or poorly.
  3. Sign both sides: Make sure that the contract is signed by both you and the handyman. This will help to avoid disputes in the future. It is also possible to provide for the possibility of making changes to the contract, if necessary, in order to avoid conflicts.

Hiring handymen is a process that requires attention and care. By avoiding these common mistakes, you will be able to find a reliable employee who will do his job efficiently. Carefully approach the description of the task, check the recommendations, correctly estimate the cost of the work and always conclude a written contract.

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